One of the most valuable qualities one could have is to be patient. To have trust in God’s plan, for he is the best of planners. To believe that the bad days are as temporary as cold nights and to never overlook the rose on a stem of thorns. Many times in our lives, we paint this grand picture of how our future will look like – the ideal future. And many times in our lives, the future is everything but ideal. Patience is to overlook the flaws in our lives for something stronger. Imagine a life with no struggles – the struggles that shape who we are. The poverty that makes one grateful for the little blessings in life, the family loss that makes one love harder and with more passion than ever, the failure that makes one stronger and more driven to accomplish even more than planned, the sickness that brings an entire family together, the crippling anxiety that creates empowerment. It is a never ending list of struggles.. but with patience, comes life’s most treasured moments.


16 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Thank you for reminding us to be patient and how important patience and what blessings it brings if we apply it in our life. So beautifully written. Every word is like a rose on a stem of thorns. I’m impressed 🙂 love and peace to you ❤

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