To live a simple life is not as simple as it seems. Often times we get lost in our blessings, searching for more and more and more. Why are we never satisfied with our clean, running water? Or our properly functioning lights and electronics? Or the roof over our heads and the food in our kitchen? Because we take water for granted, we do not have the latest electronics, we do not own the nicest home, and there’s nothing to eat in the kitchen amongst the store-bought bread, the perfectly sliced turkey, and the endless food options we could feed off of for days. While we are dealing with these crazy struggles of ours, there are millions of people searching for clean water. People that can not tell you what an “iPhone” is. People that dread rainy days because that means water leaking through their stacked brick homes. People that do not know the taste of meat, that would do anything to have our kitchen with “nothing to eat.” Yet those are the people with the genuine smiles. They have no desire to impress anyone. No desire to feel hatred toward another soul. No desire to show off what they have. They are content with the simplicity of their lives. They will look you in the eye and tell you that it is the greatest blessing to have a stacked brick home because at least they have something. They will gladly eat nothing but bread knowing that it is what they need to survive, and they will be thankful for not knowing of the technology we own for it makes us forget the color of the sky and the voices of the ones around us. To live a simple life is not to strip ourselves from our blessings but to acknowledge the greatness and power of every given privilege. To live a simple life is to see the beauty in every day and to make the most of every bit of it.


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